AECON 2 or One of the best weekends of my life :)

I went to the Supernatural con in Mannheim last weekend and had such a great time! Met a lot of nice people, had the chance to see Jared up close, got an autograph from Jensen, laughed my ass of at Richard + Mark's panels and simply enjoyed being in an environment that celebrated our show! If only it could have lasted longer ... those three days were over so quickly!
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SPN Convention, here I come!!!!

Yes, it's true: I'm actually going to the SPN Convention in Mannheim from May 20 to 22! Still can't believe it ... all thanks to my awesome boyfriend who got me the tickets as a birthday surprise and who's also coming with me so that I won't make a total fool out of myself when I'm in the same room as Jensen ;)
I "only" got general admission tickets (these photo ops are so incredibly expensive!!!! I wonder how anyone can afford that?), but it's probably for the best as I would be really REALLY uncomfortable standing next to Jensen, who is the prettiest guy ever and will probably smell good and all, while I feel gross and ugly :) But I'm so looking forward to the panels and to the general Jensen-Jared-awesomeness and to Mark Sheppard and Richard and everyone! Now if only Misha could be there too ... but I probably couldn't handle this gloriousness anyway! :)

So, anyone got any tipps for me as a first-time "conventionist"? Will any of you guys be there as well? 

Only two more weeks to go! And the best thing, the finale airs on the first day of the con, which means there will be all kinds of finale questions asked, hopefully! Can't wait!


It's official, we're actually getting another season of SUPERNATURAL!
I would have been so pissed if we hadn't been renewed - this is the first season I'm watching live, and I didn't want it to be my last!
So yippeee, at least 22 new episodes of this!

and this!


My heart will go on - Supernatural comes back!

I just finished watching the new SN ep and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Really, I didn't expect much after reading the synopsis for "My heart will go on" - it just sounded too cracky to be actually good. But I was proven wrong - this episode WAS kinda good, at least in my opinion! I loved how Sam and Dean acted like they were brothers again, all the little things between them (rock paper scissors ... how could Sam NOT know that Dean would chose scissors? "Always with the scissors, Dean!" :))) and how much they cared for each other and for Bobby! My, that last scene really broke my heart, Dean covering Bobby with a blanket? That was so touching!

I also found the entire idea of the episode kind of interesting. Sure, it didn't have anything to do with the mother of all plot that the second part of the season was supposed to be about, but at least the heavenly war played an important role for once! Who would have thought before the episode aired that the unsinking of the Titanic actually served a purpose and wasn't just Sera thinking "Well, wouldn't it be funny..."? And Balthazar was right, the world would be a better place without Celine Dion and Billy Zane ;) I wonder how SN always manages to get away with all these jokes about pop culture and with defaming celebrities ... has no one ever complained about that? Well, that's probably because the real A-Listers and celebrities aren't watching the show ...
It'll be interesting to see how Cas' story plays out in the final episodes. I can't imagine him becoming really evil, but it's obvious that he has changed quite a bit since the apocalypse was averted. But he wouldn't screw over the Winchesters, right? RIGHT? He just sacrificed 50000 people for them, so I don't think that's gonna happen. But all the lying and not telling them things they should know is definitely not a good sign ...
Imho, this episode found the perfect balance between angst (Cas!!!, Bobby ...), philosophical questions (can you really escape fate?) and funny moments ... I mean, the scenes in which the boys were trying to tempt Fate was just pure gold :) And the music choice was great too - "One way or another" just fit the situation perfectly!

And Dean being back to his old self? "My kind of librarian or your kind of librarian?" Priceless. Also:
Too soon? - Yeah, I'm pretty sure 6 seconds is too soon, Dean.
I can't hold it against him, I was laughing out loud too when I saw the guy's face on the bus! :)

So all things considered, I thought this was a pretty decent episode, much better than what I expected, and it set the tone for Cas's future storyline. Let's just hope that all the depressive!Bobby stuff isn't some kind of foreshadowing to the season finale ... I don't want anything to happen to him OR Cas, do you hear me, Sera?
And next week: WESTERN EPISODE, can't wait!!!


I was tagged by asilia to do this, so here we go! Sorry if I'm spamming my flisters with this - you don't have to join the fun if you don't want to, just ignore this post in that case! I won't be mad ;)

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"The French Mistake"

Best Saturday morning ever!!!!
All I can say is that this episode was really worth being excited over all week! I even had trouble falling asleep last night, cause I knew that when I woke up, I would finally be able to watch those epic 40 minutes! :)
I don't even know where to start ... all the little jabs they took at fandom, the Show staff, J&J, Misha .... It was absolutely awesome. The otter dinner? The picture of Western!Jared in the Padalecki mansion? "I'm a painted whore"? The days of our lives clip? Misha making fun of his Cas voice?  "Good night little fella!"? "Strictly speaking, she's, you know, new. No offense!".
I've never watched or heard of a show that makes fun of itself to that extent. I love them all so much for being crazy and brave enough to do that! Nothing is sacred to Ben Edlund, that's for sure!
And the fake acting scene had me in stitches :) Honestly, it's been a long time since I laughed so hard at anything on my TV! Dean's faaaaace, oh my God. And Jared's "I'm not supposed to look at the camera...."

The only "drawback" in my opinion was that it was one more episode in which they didn't mention the Mother thing that's supposed to be the big deal for the rest of the season, and they also only lightly touched upon the Angel civil war aspect. Those two story lines sound so interesting, and yet they haven't really made anything good out of it. I hope that changes in the next few episodes ... or maybe they're leaving it for Season 7? Who knows! And I don't really get why Cas and the boys never find the time to have a decent conversation and keep bitching to each other instead. I mean, half of the show's problems could be solved if they all just TALKED TO EACH OTHER! Why can't it be like in the earlier seasons, where they helped each other out when there were problems and when they actually liked being around each other? Now it's just Dean accusing Cas of not being there for him and Cas not understanding what Dean goes through. Stop the fighting, boys! You should all kiss and make up :)
Anyway, I really enjoyed "The French Mistake" and I'm also glad that even this lighthearted, funny episode had a serious touch to it when Jared denied that the AU wasn't really better because "we're not even brothers". My heart just melted when he said that ... and also "At least we're talking!" Only Supernatural can do that, making you laugh AND cry while watching an episode!

SPN - "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"

Just watched the yesterday's SPN and must say I sort of enjoyed it, all things considered. Sure, it had "filler episode" written all over it, and we really could have done without it plot-wise, but the last 5 minutes kinda made up for everything!
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My two cents on 6x13

Well, I know it's kinda late and noboby will probably read this two days after the episode aired, but I just watched "Unforgiven" this morning and feel kinda "meh" about it. I didn't hate it or anything, I just wasn't ... overly excited by it, especially after 6x12 turned out to be such a great ep! I guess everything that comes after that has got to be disappointing in a way. But there have been episodes that were a lot worse!
I enjoyed Sam and Dean working together again and Dean being all protective of his little brother, and there were quite a few funny (Mel Gibson! It really would explain everything if he was possessed...), heartbreaking ("Family just slows you down" ... I actually teared up on hearing that) and genuinely scary moments (when Sam was out on the porch of the sherrif's wife's house and felt the presence of the Arachne thingy? Creeeeeepy!). I also really liked the reference to "The Fountainhead", since I just finished reading it last week and realized that Howard Roark was really a lot like Robo!Sam - coldhearted, unable to adapt to modern society, always looking to realize his own goals and not caring about anybody else's, but still in a way a likeable character who you can't help but envying for not giving in to other people and only doing what he wants. I really like the fact that the SPN team put a lot of thought into this reference and chose to use a literary alias for Sam this episode, not another classic rock persona to point out that Sam is on his own now and doesn't answer to Dean anymore, therefore doing things differently. And Jared's acting was once again SUPERB, especially in these scenes where Robo!Sam and Souled up!Sam were shown consecutively and you could tell just by Jared's facial expression (and well, by the fact that the scene was either black/white or in colour :)) which Sam he was impersonating at the moment. That was really well done!
What I didn't like, of course, was the wall already breaking down or cracking only a few weeks after it was erected! Seriously, couldn't they give the boys at least a few happy months before they had to deal with this problem? They never get to enjoy just being TOGETHER, living the life- there ALWAYS has to be some huge obstacle or issue that needs to be tackled! It just tires me sometimes. I get that they can't live a normal life because of all the things they have seen or know, but would it kill the writers to give them one happy week in which they didn't have to worry about anything and go to visit the Grand Canyon together or something? Or just play with puppies and babies for 45 minutes, I would watch that too ;)
Well, we'll see how this story turns out next week - I can't wait to see how quickly Sam recovers from his trip down memory lane and I wonder how much longer the wall will hold? Cause if it really broke in the last minutes of 6x13 and we only got two episodes of reasonably sane!Sammy, I will raaaaage! Not impressed by your sloppy work there, Death!
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Jensen is my inspiration :)

How sad is it that my actual incentive to lose 20 pounds is Jensen coming to my hometown in May? I mean, not even "I will feel better when my weight's down" or "I have to look good for that holiday on the beach", but "Jensen Ackles will be living very close to me for three days, so I have to be pretty in case I meet him!"
I don't even have tickets for the con he's scheduled to attend here, and even if I had, Jensen would SO NOT care how fan No. 77091 looks like, but still...I'm dreaming about meeting him at Starbucks by chance, wowing him with my sheer beauty and hitting it off with him immediately :) And for that I have to prepare!
Delusional much? Yes indeed. But can you blame me? Look at him!!!!

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