January 28th, 2011

Not cool, CW, not cool!

I just learned this morning that the CW decided to push back SPN another week??? I can't believe this.
Seriously, this week really sucked for me (my grandma died and I didn't get to see her one last time), and practically the only thing I was looking forward to was a lazy Saturday morning with a new SPN episode. Especially after reading all these rave reviews about "Like a virgin"! And now they are like "ooops, change of plans, you're not going to get that, just wait another week!" Unbelievable. I thought German TV was bad, airing SPN in irregular intervals and not giving a damn about the order of the episodes, but this takes the cake. Changing the airing schedule ONE DAY BEFORE the new ep was supposed to be on? Damn you, CW!
It's like snatching the prize away at the last minute, not caring that we all waited for two months (!) to learn how Sam gets back his soul! And then, I don't really get the reason for their decision. I mean, if it only was to give the VD fans a chance to watch both American Idol and their favorite show, how are they gonna handle this problem in the weeks to come? Never heard of DVRs???
Well, I guess it's back to watching reruns then. And hope that Mrs Ostroff doesn't change her mind again! I will be mightily pissed if I don't get my Supernatural back next Friday. You hear me, Dawn???
Excuse me now, I have to change my icon!
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