February 9th, 2011

Jensen is my inspiration :)

How sad is it that my actual incentive to lose 20 pounds is Jensen coming to my hometown in May? I mean, not even "I will feel better when my weight's down" or "I have to look good for that holiday on the beach", but "Jensen Ackles will be living very close to me for three days, so I have to be pretty in case I meet him!"
I don't even have tickets for the con he's scheduled to attend here, and even if I had, Jensen would SO NOT care how fan No. 77091 looks like, but still...I'm dreaming about meeting him at Starbucks by chance, wowing him with my sheer beauty and hitting it off with him immediately :) And for that I have to prepare!
Delusional much? Yes indeed. But can you blame me? Look at him!!!!

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