February 26th, 2011

"The French Mistake"

Best Saturday morning ever!!!!
All I can say is that this episode was really worth being excited over all week! I even had trouble falling asleep last night, cause I knew that when I woke up, I would finally be able to watch those epic 40 minutes! :)
I don't even know where to start ... all the little jabs they took at fandom, the Show staff, J&J, Misha .... It was absolutely awesome. The otter dinner? The picture of Western!Jared in the Padalecki mansion? "I'm a painted whore"? The days of our lives clip? Misha making fun of his Cas voice?  "Good night little fella!"? "Strictly speaking, she's, you know, new. No offense!".
I've never watched or heard of a show that makes fun of itself to that extent. I love them all so much for being crazy and brave enough to do that! Nothing is sacred to Ben Edlund, that's for sure!
And the fake acting scene had me in stitches :) Honestly, it's been a long time since I laughed so hard at anything on my TV! Dean's faaaaace, oh my God. And Jared's "I'm not supposed to look at the camera...."

The only "drawback" in my opinion was that it was one more episode in which they didn't mention the Mother thing that's supposed to be the big deal for the rest of the season, and they also only lightly touched upon the Angel civil war aspect. Those two story lines sound so interesting, and yet they haven't really made anything good out of it. I hope that changes in the next few episodes ... or maybe they're leaving it for Season 7? Who knows! And I don't really get why Cas and the boys never find the time to have a decent conversation and keep bitching to each other instead. I mean, half of the show's problems could be solved if they all just TALKED TO EACH OTHER! Why can't it be like in the earlier seasons, where they helped each other out when there were problems and when they actually liked being around each other? Now it's just Dean accusing Cas of not being there for him and Cas not understanding what Dean goes through. Stop the fighting, boys! You should all kiss and make up :)
Anyway, I really enjoyed "The French Mistake" and I'm also glad that even this lighthearted, funny episode had a serious touch to it when Jared denied that the AU wasn't really better because "we're not even brothers". My heart just melted when he said that ... and also "At least we're talking!" Only Supernatural can do that, making you laugh AND cry while watching an episode!