Stina_SN (stina_sn) wrote,

Claiming Misha's Rhino portion :=)

Hey guys,
is anyone trying to redeem the piece of rhino Misha promised us for winning the TV Guide Poll? I'm not sure yet if I really should ... I'm a little scared about what he might actually send ... and it seems to be rather complicated to send a letter including a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Canada and then from Canada back to Germany! Has anybody living in Europe or outside Canada tried it yet? How does it work??  I tried using the Canada Post website to print out stamps, but since I don't know how big whatever Misha sends us is and can't really write "Piece of rhino" in description of the item, I'm not sure you can do it that way! And it apparently costs 56 Canadian Dollars ...

So what do you think, flist?


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