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My two cents on 6x13

Well, I know it's kinda late and noboby will probably read this two days after the episode aired, but I just watched "Unforgiven" this morning and feel kinda "meh" about it. I didn't hate it or anything, I just wasn't ... overly excited by it, especially after 6x12 turned out to be such a great ep! I guess everything that comes after that has got to be disappointing in a way. But there have been episodes that were a lot worse!
I enjoyed Sam and Dean working together again and Dean being all protective of his little brother, and there were quite a few funny (Mel Gibson! It really would explain everything if he was possessed...), heartbreaking ("Family just slows you down" ... I actually teared up on hearing that) and genuinely scary moments (when Sam was out on the porch of the sherrif's wife's house and felt the presence of the Arachne thingy? Creeeeeepy!). I also really liked the reference to "The Fountainhead", since I just finished reading it last week and realized that Howard Roark was really a lot like Robo!Sam - coldhearted, unable to adapt to modern society, always looking to realize his own goals and not caring about anybody else's, but still in a way a likeable character who you can't help but envying for not giving in to other people and only doing what he wants. I really like the fact that the SPN team put a lot of thought into this reference and chose to use a literary alias for Sam this episode, not another classic rock persona to point out that Sam is on his own now and doesn't answer to Dean anymore, therefore doing things differently. And Jared's acting was once again SUPERB, especially in these scenes where Robo!Sam and Souled up!Sam were shown consecutively and you could tell just by Jared's facial expression (and well, by the fact that the scene was either black/white or in colour :)) which Sam he was impersonating at the moment. That was really well done!
What I didn't like, of course, was the wall already breaking down or cracking only a few weeks after it was erected! Seriously, couldn't they give the boys at least a few happy months before they had to deal with this problem? They never get to enjoy just being TOGETHER, living the life- there ALWAYS has to be some huge obstacle or issue that needs to be tackled! It just tires me sometimes. I get that they can't live a normal life because of all the things they have seen or know, but would it kill the writers to give them one happy week in which they didn't have to worry about anything and go to visit the Grand Canyon together or something? Or just play with puppies and babies for 45 minutes, I would watch that too ;)
Well, we'll see how this story turns out next week - I can't wait to see how quickly Sam recovers from his trip down memory lane and I wonder how much longer the wall will hold? Cause if it really broke in the last minutes of 6x13 and we only got two episodes of reasonably sane!Sammy, I will raaaaage! Not impressed by your sloppy work there, Death!


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Feb. 13th, 2011 04:14 pm (UTC)
It really bothers me that a freakin' horseman isn't able to build something a little more solid... cos that wall must be made of paper or something if it's collapsing after a few days!

And I'd happily take an episode without any angst or drama... I don't know why the writers seem to think that's all we want! Really, after all those years of heartbreak, we could do with an episode full of happy brothers cuddling puppies :)
Feb. 14th, 2011 09:13 am (UTC)
I was kinda meh on this episode too, to be honest. It wasn't he story for me; it was the special effects. Those spider webs looked just like the ones you get from the dollar store at Halloween and put the plastic spiders in, and the "Sam burning" scene just looked... fake. But that's not the show's fault; you can only do what your budget allows for.
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