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SPN - "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"

Just watched the yesterday's SPN and must say I sort of enjoyed it, all things considered. Sure, it had "filler episode" written all over it, and we really could have done without it plot-wise, but the last 5 minutes kinda made up for everything!

I actually thought the dolls were kind of creepy, especially that anatomy one in the lab - I wouldn't want to cross paths with that! I also really felt for that Rose girl, that joke was really cruel. And it was an interesting angle, spirits possessing inanimate objects, although I don't believe that Sam and Dean would never have heard of something like that ... they've been in this business all their lives and they've only ever seen humans being possessed? Please! Wasn't there a scene in "Playthings" were a car was controlled by a spirit too? Well, whatever.
The thing with Lisa and Ben somehow didn't get to me at all - I admit I feel very indifferent towards them. I never liked the writer's decision to make Lisa Dean's soul mate all of a sudden, just because they spent a great weekend together years ago and Ben might have been Dean's kid. And I didn't really like Domestic!Dean, so I'm glad this story line seems to be done with for now. Also, does Ben really think he and Lisa are Dean's family? Just because they lived together for a year, which probably was Dean's least favorite year ever??? Fairly exaggerated, if you ask me.
What really sucked in my opinion was how the case was solved. The girl's sister being conveniently stabbed by a shard of glass? COME ON, SHOW! You couldn't have come up with something better or more realistic? It was just taking the easy way out to lead to the "We can't save everyone" speech ... disappointing, IMHO.

But like I said, the last five minutes were great, and I might have even shed a little tear when Sam thanked Dean for returning his soul. Seeing the brothers talking like that, without any hidden agendas, just being honest with each other and acting all brotherly - we haven't had that for such a long time! Let's just enjoy them not being in a fight for once, who knows how long it will last ...

Also, next week's episode? I'm not sure I'm gonna survive this, that's how awesome it looks! They must have had a blast shooting this ;) It will be like a 45 minute gag reel! :) Not sure all the casual viewers or people like my BF, who watch SPN for the mystic and, well, supernatural elements are going to enjoy it, but I sure will!


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