Stina_SN (stina_sn) wrote,

SPN Convention, here I come!!!!

Yes, it's true: I'm actually going to the SPN Convention in Mannheim from May 20 to 22! Still can't believe it ... all thanks to my awesome boyfriend who got me the tickets as a birthday surprise and who's also coming with me so that I won't make a total fool out of myself when I'm in the same room as Jensen ;)
I "only" got general admission tickets (these photo ops are so incredibly expensive!!!! I wonder how anyone can afford that?), but it's probably for the best as I would be really REALLY uncomfortable standing next to Jensen, who is the prettiest guy ever and will probably smell good and all, while I feel gross and ugly :) But I'm so looking forward to the panels and to the general Jensen-Jared-awesomeness and to Mark Sheppard and Richard and everyone! Now if only Misha could be there too ... but I probably couldn't handle this gloriousness anyway! :)

So, anyone got any tipps for me as a first-time "conventionist"? Will any of you guys be there as well? 

Only two more weeks to go! And the best thing, the finale airs on the first day of the con, which means there will be all kinds of finale questions asked, hopefully! Can't wait!


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